Your kids are having friends over for dinner, but you aren’t sure what they like to eat. You don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen for hours just to find out that their friend is a vegetarian or simply a picky eater. Save yourself the time, energy, and hassle. Simply pick up the phone and call Vincenzo’s Pizza of Saugus. We have tons of pizza topping options, salads, wings, pasta, and sandwiches to suit all of your hungry kids’ needs. Click here to see our full menu. We even offer pizza delivery in and around the Saugus area to make things even more convenient.

If you are feeding a few different kids for dinner it is always a safe bet to order a few different types of pizza to make sure that there is at least one kind of pizza that the kids will like. Vincenzo’s offers a number of pizza toppings to ensure that everyone can get something that they enjoy. Since kids can be picky, we recommend making at least one pizza pretty plain. A popular option is half cheese and half pepperoni. This pizza tends to suit the needs of the picky child. Then we also recommend getting a large pizza that is half meat lovers and half vegetarian. This will take care of the kids that can’t get enough veggies, or enough meat. These options will also cover most dietary preferences. Add a green salad to your order to share and a six pack of soda and your balanced and kid friendly dinner is good to go! Simply contact us to place your order, and we will be happy to deliver your pizza to your Saugus area home!