For the best in Saugus pizza delivery, you choose Vincenzo’s Pizza. No secret there. But you also choose Vincenzo’s for the breaking news coverage of the pizza world. As pizza lovers, you need a slice of what’s happening, as it’s happening—with access to all of the saucy details.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the latest dish on the pizza world. It’s time for A ‘Pizza’ The News.

Oregon Pizza Shop Drops 102-Cheese Pizza

President Donald Trump isn’t the only orange thing dominating the 24-hour news cycle—cheese has melted the hearts of the media and is currently “topping” news feeds across the social media world. Why, you ask? Because an Oregon pizza shop has just released a pizza with 102 different kinds of cheese on it. In fact, there were so many varieties of cheese on the pizza that its benevolent creator, Scott Rivera of Scottie’s Pizza Parlor, said he lost count of all the cheeses.

“The whole time we thought we were serving the 100-cheese Cento Formaggio pizza, there were actually 101 on it, and then on Stuffed Crust Sunday when we thought we were at 101, we were actually making a 102-cheese pizza. How ridiculous is that??” Rivera wrote in an email to the Huffington Post.

While this pie might be a oven-baked nightmare for those with lactose intolerance, we’d imagine nobody else is complaining about this crowning a-cheese-ment of pizza culture. More cheese, please.

Papa John’s Releases New Burger Pizza

Even an established pizza chain can have trouble rolling in the dough. Papa John’s has seen decreases in profits in select markets over the past two financial quarters, and in an attempt to garner interest and sales in the summer season, they’ve release the new Bacon Cheddarburger Pizza—a ‘za topped with hickory-smoked bacon, beef, dill pickles, roma tomatoes, a Wisconsin cheddar and mozzarella cheese blend, and a secret sauce only to be described as “”zesty burger sauce.”

Should burger/pizza marriages be legal and accepted in our cheese-centric pizza society? That’s not our call—we’re just here to deliver A ‘Pizza’ The News.

Charcoal Pizza on the Rise in Select Markets

In the world of digestive health, charcoal and cheese tend to have opposite effects. So why not put them together on a pizza? That’s what pizza joints across the nation are doing in order to create the newest hipster food fad of the hour: “black” pizza. With an activated charcoal crust, this pizza offers understated smokey flavors that complement the profiles of acidic tomatoes and hearty mozzarella cheese—and it helps relieve bloating and indigestion. Looks like pizza is healthy after all!

That’s it for another edition of A ‘Pizza’ The News. Stay tuned for more pizza-related news and updates!