Vincenzo’s Pizza is here to provide pizza delivery in Saugus and the surrounding areas. But we’re also here to be a crustworthy source for pizza news. From yeast to west, we search the entire world for the for the news and info you knead. You doughn’t need to wait any longer—it’s time for another edition of A Pizza The News.

Second slice outlawed at Ottawa elementary school

The health of the children has been a widely discussed international topic over the past decade—and while the US Congress considers the tomato paste in pizza to be a serving of vegetables at public elementary schools, an elementary school north of the border would rather keep tomato paste intake in check.

In a stunning decision that defies all logic and human emotion, the Convent Glen Catholic School in Ottawa has banned students from consuming a second slice of pizza during the lunch hour because, like an old man in a dirty bar, they can’t have just one. According to school officials, some students would order two, three, or even up to five slices under the old pizza policy.

Although we’re purveyors of pizza, we agree with the school’s decision to limit pizza consumption for its students. Too much of a good thing.

North Dakota named most expensive pizza state

Did you really need another reason to not move to North Dakota? Brutal winters, isolation, and general unsightliness of the landscape are just a few reasons why staying in California (or anywhere else for that matter) is your best bet. Now, after an in-depth statistical analysis from Pricenomics, North Dakota has been named the most expensive pizza state in the nation, with the average large cheese pizza costing a whopping $14 on average. The Peace Garden State barely edges out Wyoming, whose average cheese pie costs local cowpokes around $13.

Why is it that some of the most empty and barren states in the union have the most expensive pizza? It’s all about supply and demand. These two states don’t have a lot of pizza joints—and with the pizza delivery guys occasionally in need of a snowmobile just to make it to your house, it’s no wonder that pies cost a little extra.

Candy corn pizza draws ire of Twitterverse

Candy corn? On a pizza? And you thought pineapple on a pizza stirred the pot. Twitter user “ASSWOLF” recently posted a photograph of a candy corn pizza, and there are no tricks here—it’s just a bunch of candy corn thrown on top of a freezer cheese pizza. This Kronenberg pizza elicited angry and disgusted responses from Twitter users—but why? You guys wouldn’t even take a single bite? How do you know that you hate it if you haven’t even tried it? We’ll admit that this pizza doesn’t look appetizing—but it’s the taste that really matters.

That’s it for another edition of A Pizza The News. Stay tuned for more updates, and until then… you know what to do.