You are having a bad day. It happens to the best of us, usually at the worst time. Time is slowly crawling as you watch the clock in agony. The clock strikes five and you run out the door like you are trying to win a marathon. You make it to your car, lock the doors, and take a deep breath. On your drive home you blast your favorite tunes. You know the playlist, the one that contains all of your life anthems. As you sing along, you lose sight of the day you have had.

Home, Sweet Home

You get home and turn on the tele. You crack open a beer, and prop your feet up. You never want to leave your house again. It isn’t long before your stomach begins making noises, similar to that of a roaring lion. You open your refrigerator in despair, only to see lettuce and cucumbers stcontatc2aring back at you. Ick, salad. As you shut your fridge door in disappointment, a magnet on the fridge catches your eye. It is from Vincenzo’s Pizzeria of Saugus, your favorite pizza joint in town. An Esperienza pizza could not sound better, and the fact that you know that they will deliver your extra cheese and veggie covered pie directly to your Saugus home has you sold. You contact the pizzeria and place your order for delivery. You can’t resist adding an order of their mouth-watering meatballs to your order. They assure you that they will deliver your order to your home in Saugus within the hour.

When you are craving authentic Italian pizza or pasta, contact Vincenzo’s for pickup or delivery!