As the Saugus pizza delivery professionals, we’re here to spread the sauce—and the truth. You know what it is—another edition of A ‘Pizza’ The News.

BREAKING: New Record for World’s Longest Pizza

The United States of America is known for its big personalities and big ideas—but what about big pizzas? In a stunning display of American excessiveness and absurdity, a team of pizza makers in Los Angeles constructed a literal mile-long pizza (6,333 feet long, to be exact), shattering the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Pizza by 251 feet.

Why? What’s the point? Does anything mean anything? We don’t have the answers to these deep and emotional questions, but we do want a slice of this historic pizza.

The King’s Pie Chain Worth a Whopping $35 Million

LeBron James is arguably the world’s best basketball player, with the physical gifts and the mental acuity to break down defenses and take it to the rack. However, the only thing he’s taking to the rack this offseason is pizza to the oven rack. Much like when he spurned his hometown Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat, King James spurned a McDonald’s sponsorship to invest in Blaze Pizza, the now-fastest-growing pizza chain in the nation.

James invested $1 million into Blaze Pizza in 2012, and his financial cheese has multiplied ever since—Blaze is now worth approximately $25 million, with projections valuing the company at almost $40 million by 2018.

But that’s not the real story here. LeBron, amidst rumors that he might make another exit from the Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers, recently opened a Blaze Pizza restaurant in the Laker’s home at the Staples Center. Is LeBron looking for LA exposure to boost his basketball and pizza value? As long as his pizzas are as good as his basketball skills, Blaze Pizza and the LeBron James brand will continue to be a slam dunk.

Pizza Hut to Hire 14,000 More Drivers Through End of 2017

Pizza delivery experts are unsung heros of our world, slinging pizzas, safely weaving through traffic, and constantly smelling like pepperoni just so you can get the pie you desire. But when more people need pizzas, pizza chains need more drivers—and that’s what Pizza Hut is taking charge.

The pizza giant plans to add around 3,000 drivers per month until the end of 2017, and will use new algorithms to shorten delivery times and make sure pizzas are delivered to the right places. While we don’t think it’s best decision to order Pizza Hut with VIncenzo’s Pizza right around the corner, we do think it’s important that people across the world get the pizzas they need, when they need them—no matter what pizza pie they prefer. Just don’t forget to order some garlic bread on the side.