It’s no secret—teamwork, in all facets of life, makes the dream work. You’d be nothing without the help of your family, your friends, and the kindness of strangers. When people come together and help each other for a grand, noble cause, they can accomplish amazing things—like when a wolf teams up with others in his pack to take down a bison that he couldn’t kill alone, or when your Saugus pizza delivery guy makes the treacherous journey to your apartment complex to give you a pizza so you don’t have to put on pants and leave your. Teamwork makes the world better, and there’s no better example of it than pizza.

Allow us to explain why pizza, as a whole, is greater than its individual parts.

Bread? Boring.

What is bread other than a lifeless pile of flour, yeast, and tiny pockets of air? Way to go, bread—you’re the most trite and uninspiring food item on the planet. We need you to survive, but do we want you really? To be honest, we’re just using you as a landing pad for peanut butter and cold cuts. Sorry.

But when dough is formed into a circle, baked into bread, and coated in olive oil, sauce, and cheese, something… divine happens—something that transcends bread entirely.

Sauce? So-so.

What kind of person eats sauce all by itself? Probably someone who is trapped inside their home because of a zombie apocalypse. Once they eat through all the normal people food, they must keep themselves alive by eating only canned tomato sauce—and fashioning the empty metal cans into spearheads to keep the zombies away. If that’s not a saucy story, I don’t know what is.

But pair that sauce with some bread and cheese, and you’ve got some tasty, tasty teamwork going on.

Cheese? Please.

Oh, cheese… you have a special place in our hearts. We know, deep down, that you’re nothing more than coagulated milk proteins, and we’re okay with that. There’s something special, something saintly about your inherent cheesiness, and we can’t get enough of you.

But to be honest, you need an ego check, cheese. You think you hypnotize our palates and our stomachs on your own—but in reality, you’re much better playing second fiddle to something else. By yourself, you’re just cheese. But on a pizza, you’re a delicious team player and a true hero.

Together We Pizza

Alone, these ingredients are weak, one-dimensional, and altogether uninspiring. But together, these ingredients give us life, happiness, and hope. Together, these ingredients make a pizza.