Cheese is synonymous with pizza. Cheese is the cornerstone that great pizza is built on. Cheese is what unites us! It bridges the gaps between gender, race, and socio-economic background. Cheese will save us all! Okay, maybe we are being a bit melodramatic here. Still, you can’t deny, cheese really is a delicious and wonderful way to bring people together. Especially if it sits atop a flaky, golden crust in all of its melty, gooey, cheesy, goodness. But how much do you really know about cheese? We’re willing to bet that you know as much as the next guy, that cheese tastes amazing. Well, there is a whole world beyond that my friend. And lucky for you, Vincenzo’s has the inside scoop.

All the Cheeses

Just kidding, we aren’t going to talk about every type of cheese for the simple fact that there are over 1,700 types of cheese in the world. Frankly, none of us have that kind of time. What we will do, though, is highlight a few of the cheeses most commonly used on pizza, starting with the always classic mozzarella.


The classic choice for pizza lovers everywhere, mozzarella comes to us from (where else) Italy. Traditionally, mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of water buffaloes, but since those water buffaloes aren’t native to the U.S., much of our mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of dairy cows.


Parmesan, otherwise known by its Italian moniker Parmigiano Reggiano, originated in the region of Parma, Italy. This cheese is loved by connoisseurs from around the world for its nutty taste and gritty texture. True parmesan cheese must be produced from cows grazing only on fresh grasses and hays.


Provolone, another Italian cheese, pairs well with other cheeses (like the aforementioned mozzarella) for a delicious flavor fusion. It has a signature taste, one that gets stronger as it melts, and has a creamy, milky texture. Give it try sometime, we know you’ll love it.

After all this talk about cheese, we’re famished! And we know you are too. Come on in and have a slice with the family or with friends or call for delivery today!