Not all pizza is created equal. The pizza you order at a sit-down restaurant is nothing like what you order from mass-market pizza chains, and that pizza is nothing like the slice you get at the pizza window at 2:30 in the morning. While some pizza is truly delicious, other pizza is enjoyable in a more utilitarian way. So what’s the difference between good pizza and “good enough” pizza? Let us break down what makes quality pizza stand out from the pizza pack, and how you can make divine pizza in your own kitchen.

Quality Crust

The crust is the critical supporting cast member of the pizza, delivering texture and flavor without trying to overshadow other ingredients of the pie. A good crust is a little bit crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside; without a little crunch, your pizza will seem soft and soggy, as cheese and sauce don’t really provide at crunch at all. Whip up your favorite pizza dough, and cook it hot and fast—this will make your crust look golden brown, and will help you achieve that crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside texture that pizza lovers crave.

Fresh Cheese

A low-quality, stale cheese is a great way to ruin an otherwise good pizza, as exhibited by cafeteria pizza with the rubber cheese that sits under a warming lamp for too long. When making your own pizza, don’t be cheap with cheese—buy a fresh, high quality mozzarella. After all, cheese is the signature ingredient of a pizza.

Unique Sauce

Ever wonder why your favorite pizza of all-time doesn’t taste like any other pizza you’ve ever had? Well, the secret is in the sauce. While we won’t be divulging the Vincenzo’s Pizza sauce recipe here, we know that a fresh, unique pizza sauce is what separates a good pizza from a truly great, original pie. Find a pizza sauce recipe that you love, then put your own spin on it—you never know what kind of pizza discoveries you might make.

Respect For The Old and The New

Cheese and pepperoni pizzas are classics beloved by nearly everyone, so it’s useful to know how to make a tasty version of both. However, freedom to be creative and original is one of the great joys of cooking, so feel free to experiment with combinations of toppings. Try out some different meat and vegetable combinations, and don’t forget to purchase quality ingredients—the better the ingredients, the better the pizza.

At Vincenzo’s Pizza, we believe that everyone deserves good pizza, whether it’s made in our kitchen or yours. But when it’s time to “order one up,” Vincenzo’s has the quality ingredients, exceptional Saugus pizza delivery service, the coldest beer in town, and family-friendly atmosphere to make your next pizza night truly good, not “good enough.” Contact us, and get yourself some good pizza today!