Pizza is a dish loved by all nationalities. It was originally brought to the United States by Italian immigrants and became popular by men serving in World War II. The men had tasted the pizza over on Italian soil and were hooked. Pizza was the next best thing in the states. Of course we don’t make it quite the same as the Italians do, but we have got the concept down to an art with a twist of American culture. You are probably now wondering what the differences are between Italian and American Pizza; let me tell you:

The Crust

Crust in Italy varies from province to province. However, the crust is always thin. The Italians like their pizza crust cracker thin, fresh, and simple. Americans have a number of crusts to choose from with our “more is better” mentality. When ordering pizza we have the options of stuffed crust, deep dish, original, and thin.

The Sauce

Here in America we use a traditional, slow-cooked red pasta sauce as the first layer on our pizzas, or for specialty pizzas you may also find us using a garlic alfredo sauce, or a tangy buffalo or bbq sauce. The Italians keep their pizza sauce plain and simple. They use fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil as the base for their pizza.

The Meat

Americans love their meat lovers pizza piled high with pepperoni, three different kinds of sausage, ground beef, and bacon. Multiple meats covered in melty mozzarella cheese is our forte. The Italians on the other hand do not believe in mixing meats. They think that each of the meats should be tasted and savored individually.

The fundamentals of the traditional pizzeria pizza stay the same in both countries. The variations just cater to the culture of the country and their ideas about how food should be served and enjoyed. If you are looking for an outstanding pizzeria in the United States, head on over to Vincenzo’s Pizza of Saugus, California for a fresh and delicious pie every time!