Here in America we have several different pizza combinations. As I previously mentioned, it is no secret that Americans love pizza. You can find us enjoying a taco, cheeseburger, hawaiian, mediterranean, supreme, buffalo chicken, or pepperoni pizza any day of the week. To us, saucy meat and vegetable combinations served on top of cheesy bread are pizza perfection, but have you ever stopped to think about the fact that other countries don’t enjoy pizza in the same way that we do? Don’t get us wrong, every country is a fan of pizza, but they have different general toppings than our pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese, mushroom, black olive,and green pepper. Let’s take a look:


A typical Indian pizza consists of lots of peppers including bell peppers and chili peppers, pickled ginger, corn, minced mutton (a form of sheep meat), and paneer aka cottage cheese.


In Russia they enjoy a four fish pizza that they refer to as Mockba. Mockba is a combination of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions. It is served cold and garnished with fresh herbs. They also eat red herring on their pizza.


The Japan enjoy choosing from mayonnaise, mushroom, teriyaki chicken and sauce, corn, broccoli, onion, shrimp, potato, bacon, eel, and squid to top your pizza.


The french enjoy Flambe pizza which consists of bacon, onion, and fresh cream. They also top their pizza with fried eggs.


The Germans keep it simple and fishy by topping their pizza with canned tuna and onions.


The Swedish prefer their pizza to be thin crust. They eat pizza formally with a fork and knife. They enjoy a variety of pizza toppings, but the most common is called the pizza Africana. This pizza consists of peanuts, bananas, chicken, pineapple, and lots of curry powder.


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