We just don’t get many negative comments about our yummy food or the awesome service our staff provides.  If we do get a negative word once in a while, it is usually related to pricing.  This is our chance to clear that up.

We don’t skimp on quality.  Real, whole milk mozzarella (grated fresh every day), sauce made on site, fresh veggies and high-quality meats are what you get when you place your order.  Let’s also not forget that oh-my-gosh crust that is made from scratch. Well, real cheese and high quality ingredients come at a higher price than sub-standard ingredients.  I always love ads by major pizza “chains” this time of year. $5.00 for this, two for one that, blah, blah, blah.  What they don’t tell you is that their $5.00 pizza doesn’t contain the best quality ingredients.  And once you order, the add-on items keep coming. They also don’t mention what “large” is until you ask.  Most “large” pizzas these folks make are between 12″-14″ inches. Vincenzo’s SMALL is 13″!  Our large is 20″.  Can you really feed a family of four on a $5.00 pizza?

Pizza is sometimes considered “fast” food.  But when you use fresh vegetables, hand make sauce, put the best ingredients is your crust, and use wholesome honest-to-goodness cheese with no “fillers,” we think Vincenzo’s is anything BUT fast food.  And you sure can feed a lot more people a healthy dose of real food when you choose Vincenzo’s.